Making Media that Matters with Young Filmmakers

Our Mission

Hume Entertainment is a multimedia company focused on the production and distribution of self made content. Located in Malibu, California, Hume Entertainment focuses on creating media that matters whether that be through short film, print comic, concept album, etc. 

Starting with a pool of young talents, the company listens to and takes ideas from these media savvy, eager art makers and helps bring their goals to life. With a willingness to learn and a strong desire to hone skills and style, Hume Entertainment hopes to be a place where Art, Culture, and Training can collide. 

What We Do

  • Launch the careers of young filmmakers without the need for film school or significant resources.
  • Have each project go through the 'Writer's Room': a roundtable discussion consisting of artists young and old, experienced and inexperienced, to create the best work possible. 
  • Make everything from films to video games, while maintaining core ideals. 
  • Teach young media makers how to use tools to achieve their dreams through hands on experience and research.